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au meme: ever so sweet → jung jinyoung as the masterpiece latte

the masterpiece latte

  • love.noir
  • master pâtissier
  • gentle, charming, highly considerate
  • 18 november 1991
  • blood type a

 With flour strewn all over the counter top, bits and pieces of unused pastry—so far, because Jinyoung didn’t like to waste anything—scattered around his current masterpiece, it was obvious that Jinyoung was sucked into his baking yet again. He paid special attention to each pastry, dessert or bread he was required to bake, though he never spent any longer on it than necessary. A perfectionist, without a doubt, but skilled enough at the trade to get it done quickly—exactly why he had been hired, aside from being a close friend of the manager, of course. With a content sigh, he began rolling the raisin-speckled pastry to form the well-known and much loved shape of a Danish Pastry. These things never took him long and within five minutes and no more, he had a baker’s dozen made and ready to be baked. He stood back to admire his work, itching his cheek with the heel of his hand, in order to avoid marking his face with flour, but it was too late. If there was one thing Jinyoung couldn’t do, it was keep his face free of flour when he was working. He was a true, flour-faced baker.

"Perfect," he assured himself with a smile, picking up the baking tray, taking it to the oven and placing it inside. 

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